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Hurstville Heritage Park, Hurstville, 26 November 2011

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Hurstville Heritage Park, Hurstville, 26 November 2011

Post by Captain Crooks on Sat 07 Jan 2012, 5:14 pm

Today's Hurstville war was a tour-de-force of foamified fun, with many folks braving the slimy slopes of the Heritage park to punish their pals with some dart-based destruction. Let's have a look at how it went...

Psychosis leads a team of snipers to death or glory. Glory can be exchanged for internet bullions.

Atop his lofty perch, Mirsho's inner struggle with his conscience is handily represented by the light and dark clouds surrounding him.

Mirsho loses the fight with his conscience and sneaks up on Kat, who is ripe for plundering...

Kat was later to get his revenge, but on completely the wrong people. It's the thought that counts...

It's a lovely location for a family picnic, or, you know, all out war.

There's nothing better than a good rebellion, except for a big rocky rebellion, featuring big rocks. And rebellion.

Check out these LEDGE-ends. Geddit? LEDGE-ends? Yeah, lame joke, I know...

High atop the peak of Mount Awesome, two gladiators fought to the bitter end...

This is how real men tie their shoelaces.

Echoes not only fights in the shade, but in a comfortable sitting position too.

Napoleon spells out a message with semaphore to Kat, who relays it through his Marauder-phone. Silly Kat, swords aren't telephones.

"Shall we tell Crooks that guns need ammo clips to work?" "Nah, he seems happy enough..."

Ungmon was the winner of our silly hat competition, as judged by his peers.

Well done Ungmon for creating a truly silly, yet oddly useful hat - he actually got some kills with his headgear!

The bold warriors of Hurstville, minus a few early-leavers (Aiden was in attendance, so was The Fox, possibly others too?).

Thanks to everyone who turned up today, risking the weird weather for the sake of our great hobby! Special thanks to Echoes for organising the event, and we hope to see everyone soon for the next one! Very Happy

BONUS PHOTO: Crooks killed a leaf with his BBLS... (photo credit: MiC).

Captain Crooks
Captain Crooks

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