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Gemini Pistol - Modding Comp entry.

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Gemini Pistol - Modding Comp entry.

Post by Captain Crooks on Fri 23 Nov 2012, 3:49 pm

Hi guys Smile

Crooksie has finally decided to 'finish' a mod he started long ago, before many of you were a twinkle in Foamdar's melee weapon. This mod was originally envisioned as some sort of double-barrelled shotgun, with a break-barrel loading mech, but i've decided to keep it as a handy double-pistol for those close (and not so close) encounters. Come with me now on a journey through time and space and see how I made THE GEMINI PISTOL. This is an advanced mod, it is not for sale and I will not be making commissions, so please don't ask Wink

First, you take two Nite Finders and chop them up a-like so:

Make sure you hang on to those little handle pieces, they are needed to reassemble a useable grip.

For this mod i wanted to use C-836 springs, but didn't want to cut them down so I remounted the plunger tubes forward by making new screw posts out of laminated layers of 2mm plasticard fixed in place with 3 day epoxy. The two halves of the Nite Finder that still had handles were chopped down in to rectangle shapes and the little handle pieces were glued over the tops to form a new handle. The assembly is held together initially with hot glue, then welded properly with epoxy. Here is a picture of the new plunger position and the reassembled handle.

The outer shells will need a lot of work with plasticard, epoxy and sandpaper to fit. Large pieces were removed to allow one finger to wrap around the two triggers. If you spend some time and care you will have a smooth, ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and use. Here are some pictures of the blaster all assembled, held together with rubber bands because they are superior beings of rubber.

You will need to make new screw holes and screw posts for the left hand side of the blaster so you can remove it for maintenance. The catch springs have been replaced with the tough springs from a Longshot stock - the stock springs will not hold a full C-836 spring.

Here is a pic of the putty work done around the handle on the finished blaster - it's been sanded silky smooth so it's a pleasure to handle.

The design allows independent firing of the two barrels, so you can save one for an emergency, or let rip with both for maximum carnage Wink

This blaster is not the most aesthetically pleasing mod i've ever done, but functionally it's finished. It gets ranges in excess of 80ft and has an average muzzle velocity of 110fps. This blaster will be making it's debut at the Veterans vs Newbs war on the 24th of November, 2012. I may update this thread with my thoughts on it's performance. See y'all there, I hope! PEW PEWWWW.

EDIT: BFG broke it before I got a chance to shoot anyone with it (i.e.Kat), he is clearly jealous. I'll update once repairs are done, hehe.

NERF Event statistics:

Reflex Kills: 0 :s
Killed by Grenade: 1
Killed by Knife: 2
Killed by Friendly Fire: 1
Fell in a bush: 2
Clips emptied at Echoes for no effect: 6
BBQ's cooked: 2
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