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Introductions - Who are you really?

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Re: Introductions - Who are you really?

Post by Bigman2112 on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 6:47 pm

Whats up guys! I'm Bigman2112, aka Anthony. I'm 22, just getting into nerf. My weapon of choice is a Longstrike, which i will be modifying with a OMW Massacre kit and a Xplorer Xprime and Boltsled (Translation, 6kg spring with one handed prime-ability. SCARY!).

I will eventually also get a Elite Stryfe to use as a back-up weapon (Single clip, semi-auto fire, How can i resist?)

I live in the Randwick area, and work at a local bowling alley. I'm a Muso by trade and am a drummer.

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Re: Introductions - Who are you really?

Post by Captain Crooks on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 11:19 pm

Welcome to the group Anthony Smile you'll find all the action is on our facebook page, this forum is a bit under utilized these days :s look up Sydney Nerf Wars and join up, we've got a couple of events coming up where that Longstrike might come in handy, I including an HvZ on Sat 15th of this month. Hope to see you on the FB page soon!

NERF Event statistics:

Reflex Kills: 0 :s
Killed by Grenade: 1
Killed by Knife: 2
Killed by Friendly Fire: 1
Fell in a bush: 2
Clips emptied at Echoes for no effect: 6
BBQ's cooked: 2
Captain Crooks
Captain Crooks

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Re: Introductions - Who are you really?

Post by RapidShadow on Thu 02 Jan 2014, 3:06 pm

Hey SNW members- 
My username is RapidShadow and my name is Avis
Im 14 and a mainly stock nerfer (upgrade springs is the furthest I've gone)
Im based in Western Sydney and have never been to a SNW war (im extremely new)
My primaries are OMW 5kg spring upgraded Retaliator and Rampage with a grey trigger Rough-cut for a secondary.
So before i showed to any of the 2014 wars, I need to ask a few questions-

1. Is 14 an ideal age or is it too young for the Nerf wars?
2. 75ft PTG ranges good enough for the wars?
3. Are stock elite darts good enough and if not- Can i fill the tips with hot glue or is that too dangerous?
4. How many darts will i need per war and how many will i lose every war (i understand there's dart hire also)

These questions have probably been answered before somewhere deep in the forums so forgive me as I'm extremely new to all this 

Thanks guys and i look forward to joining your awesome wars very soon!!  Very Happy


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Re: Introductions - Who are you really?

Post by inphamous on Fri 03 Jan 2014, 2:14 pm

G' Day Avis,
Welcome to the group, these forums are somewhat of an ancient crypt now. We generally answer questions and organise events on our facebook group:

From here we can answer questions and help you with anything you need.
Thanks for joining and hope to see you soon at one of our wars

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Re: Introductions - Who are you really?

Post by Sponsored content

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