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[FAQ] Foam Fortress: Sydney FAQ

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[FAQ] Foam Fortress: Sydney FAQ Empty [FAQ] Foam Fortress: Sydney FAQ

Post by Echoes on Sat 10 Mar 2012, 5:34 pm


[FAQ] Foam Fortress: Sydney FAQ Tankattack-1

Please help with the construction of this FAQ by asking more questions!

Can I use a clipped barricade?
Yes, but it will count as a primary sized semi-automatic blaster

Can I use homemades?
With the exception of homemade rockets, shields, and pool noodle melee weapons, no. Homemades are banned.

Can I use heavier darts?
Only the Ghosts can use heavier darts. The Weight limit for darts is that of the standard heavy silicon tip, which is approximately 1.3g.

If a Medic Resurrects me, but my shield was destroyed before I died, do I get it back?
No, your shield remains destroyed even if you are Resurrected. The only way to repair equipment is to return to base.

Can I destroy a base?
Base destruction is an attribute unique to the Titan rocket (or similar homemade equivalents) and the Mega Howler. Unless you are a Demolitionist, you can't destroy a base.

Can I throw my melee weapons?
Only small melee weapons can be thrown. The Warden's Large Melee weapon must be held at all times. If thrown or dropped, it is treated as broken and can potentially lead to penalties against the Warden.

Can I throw Grenades?
If you aren't a Demolitionist or an Assault, no.

Can I pick up Rockets or Mega Howlers?
Unless you're the Demolitionist who owns them, no.

Am I invincible in respawn? And can I fire on enemies while I'm in the respawn point?
Yes you are invicible while at your respawn point. And yes, you can fire on opposition who are pushing toward your base from within your base.

What happens if my respawn is destroyed while I'm standing in it?
You are no longer invincible and can be tagged.

If a Warden is using Rally Point, can a Demolitionist destroy the respawn point again?
No, the respawn point continues to work so long as the Warden stands in it. And the Warden is invincible so long as the respawn point is active. So a Demolitionist can't destroy the base a second time.

Can I use singled Titans?
No, all Sydney wars still follow the General Rules Set unless otherwise stated. The Titan has an unconditional ban except for firing rockets in FFS.

Credits to Winterstrike on the AustralianNerf Forums for the original concept of Foam Fortress.

Nerfing the Sydney way!

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