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Foam Fortress: Sydney Class Abilities information and elaboration

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Foam Fortress: Sydney Class Abilities information and elaboration

Post by Echoes on Sat 10 Mar 2012, 5:30 pm


Class Abilities - Explained

The Assault's ability is the most simple; The Assault starts the game with one extra life. While this may seem minor at first glance, an extra life is key to the Assault's frontline survival. There are no extra game mechanics involved.

The Medic's ability to Resurrect is subject to much confusion. The points below detail the mechanics and restrictions of the Resurrect Ability
  • The Medic must rest their hand upon their team mate's head or shoulder and count to three (Three full seconds, not a fast count) to bring their team mate back into the game
  • Being Resurrected does not prevent the loss of a life. It is up to the Medic to take the life from their team mate.
  • A Medic can no longer resurrect a team mate who has left the spot they were tagged. Players must kneel until they are resurrected. If they decide to move, they will no longer be eligible for Resurretion. This means players must make the choice as to whether they will respawn or wait for the Medic.

The Medic's ability is more aimed at maintaining field position and reducing the amount of time wasted on respawning. Both of these attributes are key to any team.

High Explosives
The Demolitionist's ability is the most dangerous in the right hands. In taking three lives with a hit from a Grenade or a Rocket, the Demolitionist is able to eliminate four of the five classes in one strike. It also gives the Demolitionist access to base destruction, making them a true, very dangerous pest for the enemy team.

The engagement between the Warden and the Demolitionist can be confusing at times. If a Titan rocket hits the Warden's Shield, the Warden loses and life and MUST return to respawn to repair their Shield. They cannot be Resurrected and still have their Shield, but they can be resurrected without it. A hit to the Shield with a Grenade destroys the Shield, but leaves the Warden alive. The Warden is then free to return to respawn to repair their shield (at no cost of life), or drop it and continue the battle.

High Calibre
The Ghost's ability is as simple as the Assault's: The Ghost is able to use the heavier "Ghost darts" that are offered in Sydney's Dart Hire system. No other class is permitted to use them. They provide a serious accuracy boost over long ranges

High Calibre also applies to the Ghost's secondaries, if they wish to use them.

Rally Point
Once a base has been destroyed, the Warden is able to return to that respawn point and temporarily repair it. So long as the Warden is standing in the respawn area, that respawn area is reactivated and functions as if it were never destroyed. If the Warden leaves the respawn point, it reverts to being destroyed.

This ability is designed to make a team choose between a Warden on the frontlines, and respawning other key classes, such as Medics (Who can use their Resurrect ability to remove the need for Respawn) or the Demolitionist (Who can even the odds by destroying the enemy base).

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