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Sydney Nerf Wars General Rules Set

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Sydney Nerf Wars General Rules Set Empty Sydney Nerf Wars General Rules Set

Post by Echoes on Fri 23 Dec 2011, 3:48 am

This is a standardised set of rules for the wars that will be hosted off this forum. Read them, and remember them. They're here so that wars can be as safe and fun as possible Smile

General Gameplay Rules
  • If you are struck by a dart on any part of your body, you have been HIT. You are to raise your hand and proceed back to respawn.
  • A HIT to your blaster, or any gear you are holding is registered as a HIT to you.
  • If you score a HIT on another player, and they continue to play, call your HIT on them
  • Honesty is the best policy. If you know you've taken a HIT, own up and walk back to respawn. This also applies when calling HITS on other players.
  • Arguments over HITS will not be tolerated. Both players will be sent to respawn in the case of any argument.
  • If you suspect there is dishonest behaviour among the attendees, inform an event organiser. They will handle the issue thereafter.
  • Without suitable eye protection, you cannot participate in any events. Prescription glasses and sun glasses are not applicable as suitable protection. If you are unsure about your eye protection, talk to the war organiser. Eye protection must be worn at all times, including during dart pick up. Removal of eye protection during games can result in ejection from the event.
  • Please use common sense when considering engagement distances. The official engagement distance is now set at 45ft/15m for blasters that fire over 100ft/30m flat. For blasters that fire between 80ft/25m flat and 100ft/30m flat, the official engagement distance is 30ft/10m. This is for the safety of those at our events. Refrain from aiming at the head or neck at the minimum engagement distances.

Blaster and Gear Specific Rules
  • Blasters with matte black, or any other realistic looking paintjobs are not welcome at Sydney wars. You will be asked to store the blaster away from public eyes. If you refuse, you will be ejected from the event.
  • Homemade blasters are banned; but homemade internals are permissible at the discretion of the war organiser.
  • Air blasters with plugged Over Pressure Valves or Bike Pump Replacement are banned. Bike pump replacements are permissible if there is an operational OPV to limit the pressure that the pump can create in the tank.
  • The Nerf Titan is unconditionally banned, in all forms. This includes firing rockets. The only exception to this rule is Foam Fortress: Sydney, where the only legal use of the Nerf Titan is firing rockets.
  • Blasters have larger tanks/are capable of high PSI than an unmodified Titan tank are banned.
  • Stefans that utilise metallic weights or hotglue domes are banned
  • The accepted Grenades in Sydney Wars are Nerf Pocket Howlers
  • Melee weapons must be made of a soft foam. A light tap on the shoulder with hands will also suffice as a melee HIT
  • Melee weapons can deflect darts without penalty. However, they cannot deflect Grenades (or Rockets in FF:S)
  • Attaching the Nerf Stampede Blast Shield onto a Tactical Rail that was originally a part of the shell will negate Gunhits with darts and melee weapons. This does not apply to gun hits with grenades (or rockets in FF:S). The Blast Shield cannot be modified in any way aside painting for aesthetic purposes.
  • Tactical gear such as vests and gloves are permitted, but please use common sense in what you wear to each event.
  • Paintball masks and face masks are not permitted in highly populated areas, and in the marshaling areas due to the image that they convey to the general public
  • Please exercise common sense with what you bring to an event. Safety is the top priority for all events. If something is deemed to be unsafe by a war organiser, that war organiser reserves the right to ban the blaster or piece of equipment on the spot.

Miscellaneous Rules
  • When a member of the public enters the playing area, instantly yell STOP. The game will pause until the bystander has left the field of play.
  • Dart sweeps are a necessary part of Nerf. It is compulsory for participants to help gather all darts whenever there is a dart sweep
  • When you have been eliminated from a round (you have taken a hit during the elimination period etc.), you must not talk to the uneliminated players. As they say in paintball: "Dead people don't talk".

Remember, Safety is important. If you feel there has been an oversight, or there needs to be a change in rules, send me a PM and we'll discuss what you've got to propose. Stay safe!

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