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Foam Fortress: Sydney Gear information and elaboration (Version 2)

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Foam Fortress: Sydney Gear information and elaboration (Version 2)

Post by Echoes on Sat 10 Mar 2012, 5:11 pm


Gear classifications and rulings

  • Pistols have a maximum capacity of 10
  • A maximum range of 50ft flat (unless otherwise specified in the class’s loadout)
  • Semi-Automatic pistols have a maximum range of 40ft flat
  • Pistols cannot be fully automatic (this disqualifies the Speedswarm as a legitimate pistol)
  • Anything that utilises N-strike Clips, homemade clips, RSCB’s, Hoppers, Choppers, or inline clips are not classed as pistols (If you have a dart feeding system that is not covered here please enquire within).
  • The only legal pistol that can fire a more than one dart per trigger pull is the Barrel Break
  • Examples include: Maverick, Stormfire, Spectre, Barricade, Furyfire and Hyperfire

Fully Automatic
  • Fires continuously by holding down the trigger, or by one pull of the trigger without the need for a standard priming action at every shot (i.e. pumping up the air tank or loading the spring between shots)
  • Has a Capacity of 10 or more
  • Has a maximum range of 40ft flat
  • Examples include: Stampede, Vulcan, Magstrike, RF20

  • Fires once per trigger pull, without the need for a standard priming action at every shot (i.e. pumping up the air tank or loading the spring between shots)
  • Blasters that fill an airtank through the use of another air tank (or equivalent) and check valve (or similar modification) are classed as Semi-Automatic
  • Main springs that compress as a part of a trigger pull are classed as Semi-Automatic
  • Blasters that operate using flywheels are classed as semi automatic (with the exception of the Powerstrike due to the requirement for a regular priming action)
  • Maximum range of 50ft flat
  • Maximum capacity of 20 darts (Any higher and the blaster will not be considered for use in FFS)
  • Examples include: Barricade, Rayven, Tommy20

  • Only useable by the Commando [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED]
  • Fires multiple darts per shot, with a standard priming action required after each shot
  • Cannot be semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Maximum of 9 darts per shot
  • Maximum Range of 50ft flat
  • Examples include: Absolver attachments on Tripleshots or other blasters, Hornet, Doubleshot

  • Any integrations must adhere to the limitations of the class’s load out i.e. you cannot integrate a LSFG onto a Longshot if you are a Medic, as you have no secondary slot to accommodate the LSFG
  • Integrations are allowed to be modular if you so choose
  • You cannot integrate a melee weapon onto your blaster or vice versa (unless in the special case of approved Gunblade replica)
  • All integrations must fire darts only
  • Examples include: Longshot with frontgun integration or Hyperfire integration etc.

Melee weapons (small)
  • Every class is entitled to carry a small melee weapon (approx 50cm long)
  • A hit from a small melee weapon removes one life
  • Can be thrown and as if it were being used to attack normally
  • Can deflect darts and melee attacks while being held in the hand, but not grenades or rockets
  • It is possible to throw the small melee weapon to knock grenades or rockets off-course. If the small melee weapon makes contact with the grenade/rocket, and that grenade/rocket misses you, it does not count as a hit. The small melee weapon is also indestructible in this event and can be recollected.
  • Examples include: Cut down pool noodles, Klaw Hatchets

Melee weapons (large)
  • Only useable by the Warden
  • Can be used to deflect darts and other melee attacks
  • Cannot be thrown at all. Throwing the large melee weapon will result in either the melee weapon being treated as broken (and repaired at respawn), or the Warden taking a hit if the large melee weapon blocks a grenade or rocket. The only exception would be if they are capturing the flag, in which case the large melee weapon must be dropped, not thrown. It will still be treated as broken.
  • Examples include: Nforce Line

The Shield
  • Only useable by the Warden
  • Can deflect darts and melee attacks, but is destroyed by grenades and Rockets
  • When a shield is destroyed, the Warden must drop it. If the Warden is hit with a dart or a grenade on a destroyed shield, it counts as a hit to the Warden as if there was no shield at all.
  • When a Shield is hit by a rocket, the Warden loses a life and must head to respawn.
  • Can be dropped at any time by the Warden, but this will result in the Shield being destroyed
  • Returning to base (if the base is not destroyed) with the Shield will instantly repair it
  • The Shield cannot be used as a melee weapon
  • Must not have sharp, exposed edges

  • There are two types of Grenade available in FF:S – The Nerf Pocket Howler and the BuzzBee BBUMB Rocket.
  • The BBUMB Rocket is the Assault’s grenade. It is able to destroy the Warden’s Shield or act as anti-personnel. If the BBUMB Rocket hits a player, it will take away one Life.
  • The Nerf Pocket Howler is the Demolitionist’s grenade. It is also able to destroy the Warden’s shield, but packs a much greater punch in terms of anti-personnel. If the Pocket Howler hits a player, it will take away three lives
  • Grenades cannot be picked up after being thrown except by a player who is returning to respawn [This rule will not be implemented until there are ample grenades at wars]
  • Returning to a base (as long as the base isn’t destroyed) allows the player to refill their allowable supply of grenades

The Ghosts’s “Sniper Rifle”
  • Ghosts must use either a suitable airgun or a Nerf Longshot as their Ghost primary
  • Range is capped at 160ft flat
  • There is a minimum engagement distance of 60ft on the Ghost’s primary weapon. This engagement distance stands regardless.
  • The Ghost’s primary weapon can only fire one dart at a time
  • Any integrations to the Ghost’s primary weapon must not use the same air tank as the primary, nor can it have a linked trigger.
  • The capacity of the primary cannot exceed 10
  • If the Nerf Longshot is being used as a primary for the Ghost, it can only utilise N-Strike six clips and cannot have a shotgun grip attached. It can also be singled.

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