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Sydney Nerf War - Lansdowne Reserve - Saturday, 21st January

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Sydney Nerf War - Lansdowne Reserve - Saturday, 21st January

Post by Ungmon on Sat 21 Jan 2012, 11:47 am

What a great war eh? Eh no ones here, ANYWAY we had a great time excluding the rain which unfortunately cut off the war.

Thanks to Echoes for hosting and everyone for attending.

The war started off with a quick 1v1 battle between Psy and DK, guess who won?

DK and Psy teaming up? Doomsday is upon us

Genacon spies his enemies

Noggy cheers, what more can I say, Its what he does

What scarier than The Fox with a fully loaded Vulcan ....

When its in action

Reece, The true aussie

AHEM AHEM Echoes holding Titan, hmm

"The Nerf Titan is unconditionally banned, in all forms. This includes firing rockets." Echoes..

Watch out Lads Theres a trained N-Striker on ya

Theres no watch Napolean..

Shifty Tony hiding in the bushes

Total number of peoplen to take down The Fox? .. 4

MM The smell of nerf blasters in the morning

Say hello to my friend, who is little


Bills equivelent of a 'Hey Baby Face' See the resemblance?

Echoes plans something sneaky

Bills got a killer look in his eye, look into it and you'll turn to stone

Crooks hiding behind a tree, because hes a Boss

Nogs smiling?, How strange


Reece likes Crooksies Idea, he does the same

DAMN this shield bloody heavy

Whats with everyone and hiding behind trees?

What evers in the way, its gonna die.

Another damn tree hider

PLEASE EXPLAIN.. why you dont have eye protection on

Covering his massive balls from his voluntary firing squad (Metaphorical but suppose it works literally)

Crooks finally comes out of his tree

DK thinks "OO that looks nice, but my 4B's better"

DK fires 4B results

Realises Chrono is broken

After it was fixed

Nogs fires his BBUMB

Nogs results

What do you do for a living Genacon? Im an umbrella holder for 'The Chrono'

I also CHOP YOU!

Umbrella man while on lunch break

Dont spit on my camera!

I dont like red, so I steal Ungmons shotblast!

Hmm Doomsayer in bag, that bag looks awfully familiar, Almost like the bag they use in bank robberies.

Crooks has 2 more longshots now, He's happy, clearly


Nog cant afford an umbrella

I spent about 3 hours straight uploading these so I hope you guys enjoy this great war, Thanks everyone!

I know I clearly cant beat Crooks in captionaing but I tried my best Smile

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