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Guide: Make a hopper+dart door (streamline compatible) + SNAP Plunger Assembly

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Guide: Make a hopper+dart door (streamline compatible) + SNAP Plunger Assembly

Post by bakabill on Sat 14 Jan 2012, 10:23 am

EDIT:: See bottom of post for SNAP plunger assembly pics - sorry no exact part numbers.

This afternoon I decided to make a hopper for my most recent SNAP. It took me about 2hours to complete

Due to recent interest from my pictures posted a while ago in the homemades section, I've decided to do a quick and lazy write up on how I make my hopper and dart door

It's very easy and with the pics below and a little fiddling around I'm sure you can replicate it.

Stanley knife, hobby cutters
Rubber washer
Bike Inner Tube or other random thin/soft rubber for the flap
20mm -> 15mm PVC reducer
20mm PVC pipe
15mm PVC pipe (*this is because I use a 15mm coupler on my blasters - if you use conduit then replace this with whatever fits in your couplers)
Any tube with a very loose fit on streamlines (*this will be the hopper clip - clear tube would be best obviously)

OK let's start with the hopper:

20 degrees - this angle ensures streamlines will fit through the elbow.
Cut the hopper clip and the 15mm PVC in a way that you can glue them together at a 20degree angle.
Start by making the hole small and work your way up from there making small adjustments.
This is what I ended up with.. don't worry if there are gaps - they can be filled with hotglue later.

That's it... hotglue the 2 together and you have your streamline firing "wye"

It will look something like this (I've yet to glue it):

Now for the Dart Door:

Cut the 15mm coupler section off of the reducer

Cut rubber washer to be the same outer diameter as the 20mm pvc pipe
Cut a hole in the middle with the diameter of a streamline so you can load through it - look closely, my hole is offset from centre to leave room to attach the flap. This is important!!
The black flap is cut from- some bike inner tubing
*this flap should not be too big, it has to be able to flap around within the 20mm pipe, but the bigger the better in terms of creating a seal - so use your judgement*

Staple them together...

Now we put that assembly on top of the 20mm pipe and slide that into the reducer we cut earlier:


Wrap the hopper "clip" with etape until it has a very snug fit into the 20mm pipe on the dart door.
twist and jam that clip into the 20mm pipe...

Insert your desired barrel into the 15mm pvc "wye" ... use etape to increase thickness if necessary...

Here is the final result on my SNAP Very Happy

If I didn't describe anything in enough detail, feel free to ask.

Enjoy !


  • Random washers
    hex bolt
    2 nuts
    20 to 15mm PVC reducer
    15mm PVC endcap
    32mm bath plug

First get your reducer and go to the washer section of bunnings and find a washer which fits inside the 15mm end but will not go through to the 20mm side.
Cut down the 20mm side of the reducer as shown and fit the hex bolt through this washer like so (ignore the green tape it's not necessary):

Next place a bigger washer over the 20mm coupler end, the washer should be approx same diameter of the coupler - this is our metal catch face, it will not wear out compared to a pvc catch face.

Grab that PVC endcap and drill a hole in it so you can thread your bolt through it - keep the bolt centered as best you can:

Secure the endcap down with a nut..

Put your bath plug over the nut:

Secure the plug with a washer and nut:


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