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Carysfield 'Bindi' Park, Bass Hill, December 10th, 2011

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Carysfield 'Bindi' Park, Bass Hill, December 10th, 2011

Post by Captain Crooks on Sat 07 Jan 2012, 5:21 pm

Well Mentlegen and... Dalies?

We had ourselves a real rip-snorter of a war today; Foamdar, Mighty God of Nerf blessed us with moderate weather and very few blaster breakages!

Let's have a look at what went on.

NOTE: For the first time SNW's Captain Crooks presents you with REAL ACTION SHOTS (TM). Taken in the heat of battle, these pics are superior in content and are 68% foamier per cubic pixel.

Let's play a fun game called 'Spot the Goblin' - he appears in EVERY photograph... maybe.

Psychosis has his killing smile on... someone about to have bad day.

Nothing escapes the reach of the 4BCON.

Birds fly, fish swim, men live and laugh and love, and THE REAPER REAPS.

The ancient tradition of 'Knifey-Grenadey' is alive and well in Carysfield...

Reece arrives fresh from the set of 'The Expendables' to dispense foam justice.

Boofy snipes. That's what Boofy does.

Psychosis uses his Druid powers to turn into a bush before our very eyes...

Oh look, there he is again! Have you been looking in EVERY photo?

Kat executes some sucka gangland-style...

Psycho holds the flank. That's Psycho's flank.

Actually, now it's Nog's flank. Sorry Psych.

Hardened warriors emerge from the very earth itself, like some kind of super, earthworm guys... with guns... who are cool.

The last thing you'll ever see... if you stick your eye in there.

Nog just won. Everything. Ever.

We have to go over the hill now.

Someone got a poorly.

Jazz just gets super excited when Boofy shoots people in the head.

"Pssst... Echoes... the action is behind you!"

Crooksie remembered the ammo this time, but forgot his hat Sad

Across the heated field of battle, Nog spies someone tampering with his lunch...

Death aint in no hurry...

Can you see the dart being fired in this pic? No, you can't, there is no dart.

"With a spring in his step and a gleam in his eye, Psycho goes over there and you all die!"

So, how many times did you spot the Goblin? Can you see him now...? Can you? Or is he... is he in ur house, breakin ur nerfs????

Big thanks again to Echoes for organising another awesome war, and for providing Dart Hire, along with Kat who premiered his white foam hire today. Very big thanks to Flick and Psychosis for providing a bang-up, slap-up feed for the hungry warriors, your deeds will be sung by like, minstrels and stuff. Also, can we have a whole roast boar next time? Cheers! Also mead.
Captain Crooks
Captain Crooks

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