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Clip Fed Barricade - BLOCKADE ECS

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Clip Fed Barricade - BLOCKADE ECS

Post by Captain Crooks on Sat 07 Jan 2012, 4:50 pm

Since we're starting a new forum I thought it would be nice for our members here to showcase our own mods, to show fellow Sydneysiders what we've got going for us Smile

Here is a brief write-up I did a while back for my clip-fed Barricade project, I was planning on doing a limited run of these until they announced the Rayven... Mad

The mod started with a complete gutting of the poor Barricade - it looks rather sad with only two thin strips of plastic holding the front end on...

Now it's been rebuilt with some chunky 2mm plasticard, with a scratch built clip release made also from a conglomeration of card scraps, a small spring and one of the metal pins from inside the LS Front Gun pump action.

Here's a video demonstration of it in action with a standard voltage, forgive my messy kitchen Very Happy

Since that video was taken, the battery has been upgraded to a 7.4v LiPo battery, charged to 8.1v. The internal wiring has been altered to allow the motors to spin up when you pull the trigger, rather than have it running permanently. The method of doing that was described in an SgNerf tutorial with reasonable detail:

If you look closely at the video, you can see the wedge-shaped extension i glued to the end of the dart-pusher, to shove the darts further into the flywheels. The wedge shape means the rod doesn't drag on the dart underneath the one being pushed in - this causes jams, which aren't good (obviously...). Also, I halved the length of the return spring on the pusher rod so it zaps back into place a lot quicker - this means the pull on the trigger is a little tougher, but it'll make your trigger finger powerful and manly, so there.

And here are some pics of it:

Here it is in regular mode Very Happy

And in Beast Mode! Wink

Since Synergie sold me a custom-made Nerf holster, i've been using this as a side-arm with a 6 round clip - it's also been used effectively with 35 round drums as a close-range semi-auto primary, where it has served me moderately well. The rate of fire is quite good, accuracy is average, and range is 30-35 feet on average, with it's main strength being laying down close range suppressive fire. The flywheels dont grip streamline-style darts like the sili-tips as well as i'd like, but i'm going to experiment further.

Captain Crooks
Captain Crooks

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Re: Clip Fed Barricade - BLOCKADE ECS

Post by Rictus on Sun 12 Feb 2012, 3:39 am

Much respect, that's a nice looking mod. This has been discussed a bit recently on other forums as well, prior to the release of the Rayven, but have you attempted a custom built flywheel array yet? I've been working on a pair to try and make my Barricade more useful than spare parts, and wondered if you'd had any major success yet.

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