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Shot Blast Raider Writeup!

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Shot Blast Raider Writeup! Empty Shot Blast Raider Writeup!

Post by inphamous on Sat 20 Oct 2012, 11:45 am

Blast Raider
This is just a project that ive always had in the back of my mind and I just wanted to try it out.

What you will need:
Raider shell
Shotblast tank
Bike pump
Some sort of OPV – I used a bbumb pump
Tubing - I just stuck with the tubing from the shot blast, just happened to fit perfectly in everything
15mm coupler
15mm end cap

First off were going to need to open up that raider and completely gut it, the only part you will need is the trigger and well the shell

Next, were going to want get our tank and pump into the shell. We can do this by modify the shell by cutting and grinding down the shell. You’re going to want to do the same to the other side
(this step is very tedious and make sure you keep test fitting your tank into the shell and closing it up to make sure it fits properly)
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 2012092418182126
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20120925144202694

Now let’s deal with that pesky OPV, you don’t want to get caught but matt, he’ll spank you.
You’re going to have to trim down around the head of the pump to fit it into the 15mm coupler and just epoxy it on. Epoxy that to some 15mm PVC and a 15mm end cap.
Now we have to drill two holes in the end cap to fit the tubing from the pump to the tank and epoxy the tubes in.
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20120929131149649

The question is, where are we going to house this thing? Well, were going to have it in the stock, so were going to need to house this through the endcap and into the stock. So cut the endcap enough to fit it through and also dremel inside the stock so we can fit this in there.

Now to make this flip fed, we’re going to need a clip accepting breech. To do with we grab our length of 20mm orange conduit or 20mm grey conduit (depends on the barrel material) and we use a standard nerf clip along with a marker to mark out the clip on the conduit. Now we attach this to our tank with epoxy or some sort of adhesive.
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20120929131205713

Now were going to need to link this trigger! Drill two holes on the top of the trigger and grab some wire and bent it so that it goes through the two holes (for stability) and epoxy putty over it. Now the wire to the firing pin of the air tank
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20120929171214538

To make sure that it even works, were going to need to link all the tubing from the tank to the opv, to the pump.
Finished internals
Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20121005124830826

Just close up the shell and were going to need to secure the bike pump to the shell, any way is acceptable but i used Selleys 3 in 1 Silicon adhesive.

Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 201210201940219441

Shot Blast Raider Writeup! 20121020194841653
Also say hello to igor's hump Wink Its added functionality! You can check if your tank is pumped!

Ranges you ask!?
Its not too impressing with a whooping 40ft! Problems will be fixed...

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Shot Blast Raider Writeup! Empty Re: Shot Blast Raider Writeup!

Post by Echoes on Sat 20 Oct 2012, 2:53 pm

Good write up. Shame the ranges are kinda poor. Thanks for submitting this to the write ups comp!

Nerfing the Sydney way!

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