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Sydney Nerf War - Parramatta Park - Saturday, 11th August "The stock dart war"

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Sydney Nerf War - Parramatta Park - Saturday, 11th August "The stock dart war"

Post by Kat on Wed 25 Jul 2012, 6:13 am

Date: 11/08/12
Time: 900 - 1600

Location: Parramatta Park

Due to a horrible shortage of blue foam, the Admin team has had to close dart hire until the shortage has ended. There's currently a hero working on that right now... so we should sit here and wait for him to end the shortage... right? WRONG!

The Admin team believes it is just unfair to deprive the community of their Nerfs because of some measly foam shortage. So we're going to try something a little different. Get ready for stock darts and Zombies! Kgo!

The location is yet to be finalised. An address will be provided once we've determined where exactly in Parramatta Park the event will be taking place.

As above, this is a STOCK DART WAR. This means you are expected to bring the relevant amount of stock darts (Fer De Lance darts are legal stock darts) for your own use. Please, also mark your darts with a unique symbol or word. It will make sorting darts at the end of the event much easier. There will be a limited Dart Hire of stock darts running on the day. But it's best not to rely on this.

General Rules & Guidelines:
For a list of Rules and Guidelines, refer to the Sydney Nerf Wars General Rules Set:

In addition to the above rules, there will be a few extra restrictions put into place to ensure the event runs smoothly in such a public place. Please read and abide by these temporary rulings (Please note, rulings are not just to do with Blasters. They will also have effect on the gear you wear):

- Blasters are limited to a maximum of 80ft flat (Firing stock darts)
- Paintjobs must NOT make a blaster even slightly resemble a real gun

Tac gear:
- No BDUs (or anything with military/camo print) at all
- No knee pads or elbow pads
- Vests are allowed only because they can be used to carry mags, but those wearing vests must wear a bright coloured shirt underneath
- No masks, head gear (including helmets and wraps)

Eye protection:
- No googles; safety glasses only.

These extra rules are here because of how exposed to the public this event will be. So please, pay attention to them and abide by them.

Game types:

In line with the fact we're doing a few different things, the Admin team presents to you the games we'll be playing at this event:

- Humans verus Zombies
- Team Death Match
- Capture the Flag
- Battle Royal

More information about these game types will be provided on the day.

Food is TBA as of this point. When more information becomes available, it will be posted here.

Remember, eye protection is necessary. No eyeprotection, no play.

Dart markings
Raymond: kat and/or marker on the inside.
Jonathon: black flat tip
Stephen: $

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