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So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster

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So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster Empty So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster

Post by Captain Crooks on Tue 22 May 2012, 4:31 pm

So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster
Why Crooksie Had to Repaint all his Nerfs. By James 'Crooks' Armstead

Hello there fellow Nerf enthusiasts, this article, brought to you by the Sydney Nerf Wars admin group, is all about our guidelines for custom painting your own sweet Nerf mods and shells, the WAR LEGAL way.

First of all, why do we have rules regarding blaster colours? Let me tell you a story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine (who also happens to be my friend).

One sunny day out Hurstville way, a game of Nerfs was underway. After the main event was finished, some keen Nerfers, just like you and I, were power testing a singled Titan that was painted black from tip to tail - a very mean looking Titan indeed. So mean looking in fact, that a concerned citizen phoned the police and reported someone using firearms in a public reserve.

The police response was swift and serious - multiple units arrived on the scene, cars were searched, and the person bearing the Titan was informed that he had narrowly avoided a very serious incident.

I think we can all agree - we go to Nerf wars to point toys blasters at each other, NOT to have real guns pointed at us. We have a strict stance on this matter because it IS a serious matter. That being said, we also want to encourage creativity and individuality in our Nerf games, because for some, including me, dear friends, it's a major part of the appeal of our hobby.

I love to paint blasters. I love making them look special, unique, and awesome. I love adding my own personal touch, so that everyone knows, 'yep, that's Crooksie's blaster'. I know what it's like to want to wield a killer-looking weapon in the heat of an intense foam fight, and if you're like me, you're just itching to show off your skills - and we are itching to see your work too!

Let's go through a list of guidelines and tips for blaster paintjobs in Sydney Nerf Wars. I'll try to keep it nice and basic!

1) Blasters painted entirely flat, semi-gloss or gloss black will NOT be allowed to use at any Sydney Nerf War. If you choose to bring one for any reason (trade being one acceptable reason, i.e. a stock RFSG) then it must remain out of the public eye, in your car, bag, or Hammer Pants, wherever it will be hidden well out of view.

2) Military paint schemes such as urban and woodland camo, or even arctic and desert camo, are not permitted. Basically, anything that makes your blaster look 'real' is right out.

3) Keeping an orange tip on your barrel is considered to be a good and easy way to advertise the harmlessness of your Nerf Blaster - we urge you to consider this when designing your scheme (yes, it will clash with your ME3 paintjob, but it's a small price to pay for not-death). Note, this is in addition to your non-black, non-camo paint scheme, and not instead of it...

4) If you wish to give your blaster a camo style with outlandish colours, such as flouro orange, pink, sunflower yellow etc, then that will be allowed, but prepare to answer some fairly pointed questions (especially if you detail it with My Little Pony Stickers).

So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster Gunpaintingguide

5) An easy way to come up with a paint scheme is to copy the existing Nerf schemes - a popular one is the Whiteout Series, though Gear Up also looks good with it's striking orange and (minimal) black trim.

If you have an idea for a blaster paintjob but aren't sure if it'll make the grade, just ask us on the forums and the friendly admins there will give you the answers you seek. We recommend you ask BEFORE you paint all your Nerfs, or like me, you may find yourself heading back to the spray booth to redo all your hard work... and that sucks. Don't do it to yourself kids! Play smart, play safe, paint safe!

NERF Event statistics:

Reflex Kills: 0 :s
Killed by Grenade: 1
Killed by Knife: 2
Killed by Friendly Fire: 1
Fell in a bush: 2
Clips emptied at Echoes for no effect: 6
BBQ's cooked: 2
Captain Crooks
Captain Crooks

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So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster Empty Re: So You Want to Paint Your Nerf Blaster

Post by Manwithatophat on Tue 22 May 2012, 4:45 pm

Ah, I'll have to be repainting my blasters actually. I painted my Recon, Longstrike, Night finder, Element, Maverick, Rayven and Vulcan black(excluding the orange pieces) before I knew about Sydney Nerf Wars and then when I find out I couldn't use black painted guns, I had to buy a brand new Recon and Element to use in the anniversary war.

I'm going a bright sky blue color with traces of flat black since it'll go to waste if I don't use it.

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